100% Natural Blunt Drops
100% Natural Blunt Drops
100% Natural Blunt Drops
100% Natural Blunt Drops
100% Natural Blunt Drops
100% Natural Blunt Drops
100% Natural Blunt Drops

100% Natural Blunt Drops

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Blunt Drops Cleaner

Prevent resin from ever sticking to your Glass Blunt again!

100% Natural Organic Coconut Base


  1. Remove Glass from Insert
  2. Pour Drops on brush included with Glass Blunt. Pour drops into Glass.
  3. Use Brush to remove Resin in both Glass and Insert. Scrub back and forth until glass tube is clean (For Thick Resin, use an extra 2-drops)
  4. To clean screw, pinch the paper towel or cloth with Blunt Drops applied around the base of the screw and twist away until clean. Use the unused portion of the paper towel for any additional cleanup.
  5. To clean mouth piece, use poker included with Glass Blunt. Unclog airflow by inserting back and forth in rapid motion. (OG v2 & Swished: Remove mouthpiece from insert. Remove Air Filter and clean with warm cloth & Blunt Drops applied)
  6. Run under hot water to remove all build up
  7. Dry with towel.


Blunt Drops is the safe and effective way to clean your Twisted Glass Blunt or Twisted Glass Mini in 60 seconds or less. Using Blunt Drops after each time you finish will prevent resin build up and make your next toke smoother!

How do the Blunt Drops work?

  •  Resin has a negative charge, the Blunt Drops has a positive charge, and glass is neutral. Resin will ignore the neutral glass to combine with the Blunt Drops. When they do, this odorless, tasteless, plant-based oil encapsulates the resin and is easily rinsed away in hot water to the EXACT SAME CLEAN as when you first bought it! 🔥 

  Add 1 drop per inch of the Blunt Drops on cleaning brush (Sold with Glass Blunt) or cloth, apply to your Glass Blunt (Glass or Twisted Insert), rinse with hot water. As you smoke the Blunt Drops attracts the resin and encapsulates it and its smells. The next day rinse clean in hot water. Repeat.

 The Blunt Drops natural, plant-based oil is no different than the soy, canola, corn or 1000’s of other plant based oils we use every day. This is simply the correct odorless, colorless, tasteless, inert and EDIBLE oil that removes resin from any finished surface.

Natural resin remover and preventer.

Cheaper per use than the competition including Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.

 Absolutely non-toxic; cannot harm you or the environment.

The only healthy, organic way to clean resin—completely EDIBLE!

Consists only of tasteless, odorless oils that work great on resin!